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Welcome, I'm Julia 👋

Welcome, I'm Julia 👋



Get into Accessibility

Getting into accessibility is not easy. Therefore, I started to provide useful information and explanation about accessibility by writing articles on several topics.

Over the next few months I hopefully cover all the important questions and concerns you have and provide useful tips that will help you creating in a more accessible way.

I divide these topics into:

1. General

What is (web) accessibility? How can I help to make the world and web more accessible?

All articles on How To Accessibility

2. UX Design

How can I create designs in an accessible way?

All articles on Accessible Design

3. Frontend

How can I write code in an accessible way?

All articles on Accessible Development

4. QA Testing

How can I test on accessibility? How to write accessibility tickets for UX Designers and Frontend Developers to understand?

All articles on QA & Accessibility Testing

All tutorials on How I Test Websites

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